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How I Rate Movies

Here's a quick little look into how I like to rate movies. I made the technique myself! Use it at your own discretion, I use it all the time :P

After I watch a movie, I'm left thinking one of two things: I either like it, or I don't. Simple enough, right? Well, I have kind of set myself up to be a film critic in the eyes of my friends and family. Therefore, I can't just say "Yep, that's a good movie" or "I hated it". I have to be specific. And THEREFORE I have to remember everything about a movie because I love recommending movies and I really want to give people the best recommendations possible.

So: I created this brief sheet that breaks a movie down into eight categories. They are: Overall Quality, Acting, Directing, Script, Originality, Music, Mise-En-Scene, and Rewatchability. In my opinion, these are the things I look for in a movie so I thought, I guess this is how I will rate movies from now on. I'll give them an average score (percentage) based on these categories. And voila! I created this form. And from that moment on, when people ask me what I think of a movie, I give them a score based on this!

Use it if you'd like or let me know how you like to rate movies. I'm all ears!

If you'd like to use it, download now!

VA Movie Score
Download PDF • 105KB

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