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Victor Adame

Screenwriting MFA


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When a cynical and self-loathing zoomer is diagnosed with depression, he can’t afford his antidepressants due to his lack of health insurance. As his mental health deteriorates, he must excel at street fighting to save his life - problem is, he’s the worst fighter on Earth.


MARIO (21) visits a therapist. He’s diagnosed with depression and prescribed antidepressants. Only… his undocumented parents don’t have health insurance. He can’t afford the medication. Mario asks his cousin JUANA and her boyfriend EDGAR (20s) for advice. Nothing they try works. Mario visits the fight ring that his brother DANIEL (28) runs only to get an idea: he’ll fight for the money for his antidepressants. The issue? Oh. Mario is the worst fighter on Earth. Mario blackmails Daniel into letting him fight - if not, he’ll tell their parents about the fight ring.


Juana and Edgar help him train. The fight comes and… He’s demolished. Black eye. Bruises. Broken nose. He lost money and sanity. Though, he hasn’t given up. He studies fighting day and night. He spectates one fight where BIG LOCA (28) fights. It’s stopped by the police and she’s arrested. There, Mario finds a bag of colorful pills. He (with Juana and Edgar) nearly overdose, then learn the drug is “Wentanyl”. Illegal. Dangerous. Perfect. What if he uses the drug to win fights? He’ll hit his opponent with an uppercut and secretly drug them. It’s risky, but it might work. Juana and Edgar are done. Mario’s gone too far. He is on his own. He schedules another fight and… the uppercut works. He continues to use the uppercut and bonds with Daniel until Big Loca catches him cheating.


Daniel and Mario must compete in an all-or-nothing fight. No drugs. If Mario wins, he keeps the money he’s earned. If he loses, he'll return it. Mario prepares to fight Daniel, afraid of ruining their newfound bond. The fight comes and… Mario gives up and returns the money. He’s done running from his problems. He’s going to therapy - family therapy - and handling things the right way.



Do The Right Thing

Ferris Bueller's Day Off


VICTOR ADAME is a Chicano (Mexican-American) screenwriter coming from a close-knit family in Riverside, California. Growing up in an urban Latino community, he made it his goal to tell intimate family dramedies that authentically portray Latino characters. Some of those scripts placed at competitions such as the Austin Film Festival, Sundance Episodic Lab, and Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship where he was in the top 50 of nearly 3,000 applicants. On top of his Screenwriting MFA from Chapman University, Victor has also interned with Franklin Leonard at The Black List and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences where he was part of the 2022 Academy Gold Rising program. He's currently in development on his first and semi-autobiographical feature, ¡Raza!, which he wrote and will also star in. | 951-801-0834 |


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