Television Pilot


Dominic is an undocumented college student. When authorities learn his legal status, he’s taken to an immigration detainment center where he awaits his trial with an ensemble of Latinx detainees. While there, his life is threatened by the atrocious and inhumane conditions allowed by the U.S. criminal justice system within the walls of the ICE camp.



Sundance Episodic Lab


On top of being a working actor, I'm also a screenwriter. I'm currently pursuing an MFA in Screenwriting at Chapman University's Dodge Film School. I will graduate in 2023. As a Latino writer, I'm passionate about telling character-driven stories from the perspective of underrepresented groups, like my own. Indie films are my go to. Some of my biggest writing inspirations are Sunset Boulevard, Moonlight, and Boyhood.

Feature Film


Amidst a year-long devastating trial, four Latinx siblings come of age in the barrio of Riverside, California.




Screenwriting Award

2021 | UC Irvine

Latest Work

A Bad Feeling: Horror Podcast

"ISO: Woman, Under-30, Carb-Free"

A lonely millennial turns to dating apps to find love. She gets a hook, but soon finds out that this smooth-talker is thirstier than she is.

Read the audio-play below or listen to the podcast episode when it debuts this summer.

Projects List



¡RAZA! (Drama, Feature)


HOW TO GET THE GIRL (Coming-Of-Age, Feature)


A BAD FEELING: HORROR PODCAST (Horror/Comedy, Podcast)


BORDERS (Courtroom Drama, Limited Series Pilot)


THUNDER BOYS (Coming-Of-Age/Music, Feature)


NIKO & LUCA (Drama, Short)


TORTILLAS (Documentary, Short)



PLAN: V (Sci-Fi, Short)

Short Film

Niko & Luca

Niko & Luca is a character-driven short film about two childhood best friends, a responsible introvert and reckless filmmaker, who return home for the first time after high school. Their newfound struggle to connect to one another puts their long lasting friendship in jeopardy.