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A second-generation Mexican-American writer, I have a strong passion (and preference) for feature writing. Through my writing, I hope to tell character-driven dramedies that explore and empower lives of everyday Latinos in difficult situations. Some of my greatest writing inspirations include Little Miss Sunshine, Moonlight, and Y Tú Mamá Tambien.

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Feature Film | Drama | 95 Pages

Amidst a devastating trial, four Mexican-American siblings

come of age in the barrio of Riverside, California.

Accolades: "Second Rounder" at 2022 Austin Film Festival, "Finalist (Top 50 out of 3,500)" at 2022 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, "QuarterFinalist" at WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Competition 2022, and "Outstanding Screenwriting Award" at UC Irvine 2021. 


Feature Film | Drama/Music | 94 Pages

When four teenagers from different Latin American countries are put into a boy band, they must find their harmony to chase their dreams while coming-of-age in 1980s Los Angeles.

Accolades: "Second Rounder" at 2022 Austin Film Festival. 

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Feature Film | Drama | 101 Pages

When two estranged cousins meet for the first time one summer in Mexico City, they learn the meaning of life from one another while uncovering a dark family secret.


Feature Film | Drama/Comedy | In Progress

When a cynical and self-loathing zoomer is diagnosed with depression, he cannot afford his antidepressants due to his lack of health insurance. As his mental health deteriorates, he must exceed at street fighting to save his life. Problem is, he’s the worst fighter on Earth.

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