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My name is Victor Adame (pronounced "Uh-Dah-May" -- don't worry, everyone asks). I am a second-generation Chicano actor originally from Riverside, California. 

For the past six years, I've been building my craft at institutes such as: Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, UC Irvine, The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, The Groundlings Theatre & School, and The Actor's Studio of Orange County. Acting aside, I've also worked with companies such as Sundance, The Black List, the Newport Beach Film Festival, and was part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' 2022 Gold Rising Program. Now, you can find me in Octavio Pisano's El Campo which has begun to hit the film festival circuit in 2023.

A bit about me: Family plays a huge part in my life. Coming from a large, close-knit, and rambunctious Mexican family, I developed my dry humor and sarcasm at a young age. My culture and upbringing truly reflects who I am as an artist -- my parents who grew up in the 90s very-much-so shaped me. In factyou can go as far as throwing TuPac, No Doubt, and Maná into a mixer and you'd get a mess, but that mess would be me! 


When I'm not acting, writing, or playing music, I enjoy coffee, cooking, and cats (not in any particular order). 

I am signed to The Library Agency in Los Angeles, California.

For more on my previous work, view my résumé below.


"At a Narco Camp in the middle of the desert, we witness the evolution of a boy, trained and turned into a Sicario. Inspired by true events, this coming-of-age nightmare shows that even in the darkest of evils, there was once innocence."

Written and directed by

Octavio Pisano

Produced by

Guillermo Escalona

Nico Nepola

Saray D. Guidetti

Carissa Stewart

Casting by

Lindsay Graham Ananhou


Rhode Island Film Festival (RIFF) - August 12th

Santa Barbara Film Festival - August 26th

El Campo.jpg

Feel free to leave a message below. You may also reach me via my representative Julia Irzyk at The Library Agency. | 818-849-6384

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