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When thinking of every form of visual media, television is the place that excites me most. I have a plethora of Latino-centered stories to tell, but I do not see many other Latino series existing within the one-hour television drama world. I hope to change that – that’s the exciting part. My personal taste/inspiration ranges from Succession to Breaking Bad to Shameless.

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Television Pilot | Limited Series | Drama | 61 Pages

When an undocumented college student's legal status is exposed, he’s taken to an immigration detainment center where he awaits his trial with an ensemble of Latin American detainees. While there, his life is threatened by the inhumane conditions allowed by the U.S. criminal justice system within the walls of this camp.

Accolades: "Finalist" at 2021 Sundance Episodic Lab and "Second Rounder" at 2021 Austin Film Festival. 

12 vs 13

Television Pilot | Drama | 64 Pages

In the 1990s, brutal police flood the streets of Riverside, California due to a fear of the Mexican Mafia. As innocent locals are tormented by the rising tension, a dysfunctional yet close-knit Chicano family must take a side in this war to restore their community's peace.

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phonto 6.JPG

(Horror Podcast)

Episode 2x05 -- "ISO: Woman, Under 30, Carb-Free"

Narrative Anthology Podcast | Horror/Comedy | 17 Pages

A lonely millennial turns to dating apps to find love. She gets a hook, but soon finds out that this smooth-talker is thirstier than she is.

Produced by WODC and directed by Deanna Gomez. Listen to the episode HERE.

Accolades: "Second Rounder (Top 20%)" at Austin Film Festival 2022.



Television Spec | One-Hour Drama | 62 Pages

When Logan decides to sell Waystar RoyCo to Lukas Matsson, Matsson announces that only one of the Roy children will keep their job. The Roy siblings must compete in an escape room to prove their qualification while Greg and Tom navigate a rocky situation over at the company’s theme park conference.