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Over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to write various short films exploring topics that matter dearly to me. From criminal justice to coming-of-age stories, I have been able to turn these stories into short films. Most recently, I wrote a short called Homecoming which is about a recovering addict who struggles to reconnect with his family after spending ten years in prison. Homecoming was produced through Chapman University and is set to be released soon.



Short Film | Drama | 9 Pages | 9 minutes

After spending ten years in prison, a quick-tempered recovering addict finally returns home to his family. His newfound struggle to connect to his wife and children puts the future of his family in jeopardy.

Produced through Chapman University.

Directed by Roger Torres (2022).

Watch here.


Short Film | Comedy/Drama | 8 Pages

Shortly after a painful breakup, a hopeless romantic gets a call from his ex-girlfriend. Was it intentional or was it an accident? With the help of his friends, he must find out.

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Short Film | Drama | 10 Pages

Two childhood best friends reunite for the first time after graduating high school. They realize too much time has passed and they've grown apart. Now they must decide how involved they want to be in the other's life.


Feature Film | Comedy | 3 Pages

A Latino movie theater employee just wants to finish his job and go home. When an elderly Latina woman won't leave the theater, they must find a way to communicate despite not speaking the same language.

Produced through Chapman University.

Directed by Yinghui Li (2021).

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Co-written by Victor Adame, Ian Black, and Kyla Heat

Short Film | Psychological Horror | 12 Pages

When a grieving mother seeks professional help from a seer, she’s directed to a grief group that turns out to have sinister intentions.


Short Film | Sci-Fi/Drama | 10 Pages

Following centuries of climate change and pollution, the planet Earth is nearing its end. The planet’s remainders must find a solution to save mankind from their own destruction.

Produced and Directed by Rebecca Chen (2019). Watch the trailer HERE.

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