Victor Adame is a Los Angeles based screenwriter and actor originally from Riverside, California. As a Gen-Z second-gen Mexican-American writer, he’s passionate about telling character-driven dramedies from underrepresented communities like his own. Victor is currently a Screenwriting MFA student at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film, working towards a career in the dramedy world. He has interned at various companies such as The Black List (partnered with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences where he was an Academy Gold intern), Newport Beach Film Festival, and The Actor's Studio of Orange County. Some of his writing inspirations are Little Miss Sunshine, Moonlight, and Y Tú Mamá También. His Chapman short film, Homecoming, is set to be released later this year.

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Samples/pages available upon request.



Feature Film | Comedy | In-Progress

Log Line: When a cynical and self-loathing zoomer is diagnosed with depression, he cannot afford his antidepressants due to his lack of health insurance. As his mental health deteriorates, he must exceed at street fighting to save his life. Problem is, he’s the worst fighter on Earth.

12 vs 13

Episode #101 -- "Pilot"

Television Pilot | Drama | 64 pages

Log Line: In the 1990s, brutal police flood the streets of Riverside, California due to a fear of the Mexican Mafia. As innocent locals are tormented by the rising tension, a dysfunctional yet close-knit Chicano family must take a side in this war to restore their community's peace.


Episode #401 -- "Right Hand Man"

Television Spec | Drama | 62 pages

Log Line: When Logan decides to sell Waystar RoyCo to Lukas Matsson, Matsson announces that only one of the Roy children will keep their job. The Roy siblings must compete in an escape room to prove their qualification while Greg and Tom navigate a rocky situation over at the company’s theme park conference.


Feature Film | Drama/Music | 94 pages

Log Line: When four teenagers from different Latin American countries are put into a boy band, they must find their harmony to chase their dreams while coming of age in 1980s Los Angeles.

***Accolades: "Second Rounder" at 2022 Austin Film Festival.


Short Film | Drama | 9 pages

Log Line: After spending ten years in prison, a quick-tempered recovering addict finally returns home to his family. His newfound struggle to connect to his wife and children puts the future of his family in jeopardy.

PRODUCED | Chapman University | Directed by Roger Torres | Currently in Post-Production.


Feature Film | Drama | 101 pages

Log Line: When two estranged cousins meet for the first time one summer in Mexico City, they learn the meaning of life from one another while uncovering a dark family secret.



Feature Film | Drama | 95 pages

Log Line: Amidst a devastating trial, four Chicano siblings come-of-age in the barrio of Riverside, California.

***Accolades: "Finalist" (Top 50 out of 3,500) at 2022 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, "Second Rounder" at 2022 Austin Film Festival, "Quarterfinalist" at 2022 WeScreenplay Diverse Voices, and "Outstanding Screenwriting Award" at UC Irvine 2021. 


Short Film | Drama/Comedy | 8 pages

Log Line: Shortly after a painful breakup, a hopeless romantic gets a call from his ex-girlfriend. Was it intentional or was it an accident? With the help of his friends, he must find out.


Episode 2x05 -- "ISO: Woman, Under 30, Carb-Free"

Narrative Anthology Podcast | RomCom/Horror | 17 pages

Log Line: A hopelessly romantic millennial turns to dating apps to find love. She gets a hook, but soon finds that this smooth talker is thirstier than she is.

PRODUCED | WODC | Directed by Deanna Gomez | Listen here.

***Accolades: "Second Rounder (Top 20%)" at Austin Film Festival 2022.


Short Film | Comedy | 3 pages

Log Line: A Latino movie theater employee just wants to finish his job and go home. When an elderly Latina woman won't leave the theater, they must find a way to communicate despite not speaking the same language.

PRODUCED | Chapman University | Directed by Yinghui Li | Watch now.



Episode #101 -- "Criminals, Drug Lords, and Rapists"

Television Pilot | Limited Series | Courtroom Drama | 61 pages

Log Line: When an undocumented college student's legal status is exposed, he’s taken to an immigration detainment center where he awaits his trial with an ensemble of Latin American detainees. While there, his life is threatened by the inhumane conditions allowed by the U.S. criminal justice system within the walls of this camp.

***Accolades: "Finalist" at Sundance Episodic Lab 2021 and "Second Rounder" at Austin Film Festival 2021.


Short Film | Drama | 10 pages

Log Line: Two childhood best friends reunite for the first time after graduating high school. They realize too much time has passed and they've grown apart. Now they must decide how involved they want to be in the other's life. 


Documentary Short Film | 5 minutes 42 seconds

Log Line: Three generations of Mexican-American women discuss matriarchs and the hardships of life while teaching how to make homemade tortillas.

PRODUCED | UC Irvine | Directed by Victor Adame | Watch here.




Short Film | Sci-Fi/Drama | 10 pages

Log Line: Following centuries of climate change and pollution, the planet Earth is nearing its end. The planet’s remainders must find a solution to save mankind from their own destruction.

PRODUCED | Directed by Rebecca Chen | Watch the trailer.

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